A single step of a Route.


public final List path

A List of the individual LatLng points that make up this step. This can be a single point if no distance was covered, for example a RouteStep may indicate departure or arrival with a single point.

public final RouteDirections directions

The directions associated with this step.

public final TransportationMode mode

The mode of transport for this step.

public final boolean isIndoors

Whether this step is indoors or not.

public final String indoorId

If indoors, the ID of the indoor map this step is inside.

public final int indoorFloorId

If indoors, the ID of the floor this step is on.

public final boolean isMultiFloor

If indoors, this step represents moving between the floors of the previous and next steps

public final double duration

The estimated time this step will take to travel in seconds.

public final double distance

The estimated distance this step covers in meters.

public final String stepName

If available, the name of the location this step is on.

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