Package: com.eegeo.mapapi.buildings

Represents a single selected building on the map, for displaying a graphical overlay to highlight the building, or for obtaining information about the building.

Public methods in this class must be called on the Android UI thread.


int getColor()

Gets the color of the highlight.

Returns: The color of the highlight as a 32-bit ARGB color.

void setColor(int color)

Sets the color for this highlight.

Type argument Description
int color The color of the highlight as a 32-bit ARGB color.

BuildingInformation getBuildingInformation()

Returns building information for the map building associated with this highlight, if available. Returns null if the request for building information is still pending (internally, building information may be fetched asynchronously). Also returns null if no building information was successfully retrieved for this building highlight. This may be either because no building exists at the query location supplied in the BuildingHighlightOptions construction parameters, or because an internal web request failed.

Returns: the BuildingInformation associated with this highlight, or null.

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