Package: com.eegeo.mapapi.indoors

Encapsulates a set of immutable properties pertaining to an indoor map. These properties are set through the eeGeo indoor map service, and cannot be changed through the Android SDK. An IndoorMap object can be obtained from an EegeoMap object through the getActiveIndoorMap method.


public final String id

Gets the unique identifier for the indoor map.

public final String name

Gets a readable name for the indoor map, usually the building name.

public final int floorCount

Gets the number of floors in the indoor map.

public final String floorIds

Gets an array of floor identifiers, suitable for display. These are generally string versions of floor numbers or other short identifiers such as “G” or “LG”.

public final String floorNames

Gets an array of floor names. Floor names may be longer than floor ids.

public final int floorNumbers

Gets an array of floor numbers.

public final String userData

Gets user data which has been associated with the map through the indoor map service. The user data is a string in JSON format.

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