A set of parameters for a Mapscene request


Type argument Description
String urlOrShortlink The full url or the shortlink of the Mapscene to load


MapsceneRequestOptions applyOnLoad(boolean applyOnLoad)

Sets the option to apply the Mapscene to the map on a successful request. This applies source data, themes, starting location and API Keys to underlying services. Default is ‘true’.

Returns: This MapsceneRequestOptions object.

Type argument Description
boolean applyOnLoad  

MapsceneRequestOptions onMapsceneRequestCompletedListener(OnMapsceneRequestCompletedListener onMapsceneRequestCompletedListener)

Sets a listener to receive the Mapscene request result when the request completes.

Returns: This MapsceneRequestOptions object.

Type argument Description
OnMapsceneRequestCompletedListener onMapsceneRequestCompletedListener A listener implementing the OnMapsceneRequestCompletedListener interface.
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Widgets (Optional) BlueSphere
Tag Service (Optional) TagService OnTagsLoadCompletedListener
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