The data for representing the start location of a Mapscene. Includes starting orientation and optional Indoor Map configuration.


public final LatLngAlt startLocation

The initial Latitude, Longitude and Altitude of the starting camera’s view.

public final float startLocationBearing

The initial bearing in degrees, as an offset from north.

public final float startLocationDistanceToInterest

The initial distance between the camera’s position and its focused interest position.

public final String startLocationIndoorMapId

An optional ID for an Indoor Map to start in - Default is blank/none.

public final int startLocationIndoorMapFloorIndex

An optional Floor Index to start in - Default is 0. Only applicable when setting an Indoor Map id as well.

public final boolean tryStartAtGpsLocation

An optional flag to specify if you want to try starting the map at the Device’s GPS position. Only currently applicable to mobile devices via the Wrld App.

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