A service which allows you to request Mapscenes, as created by the WRLD Map Designer. Created by the createMapsceneService method of the EegeoMap object. This is a Java interface to the WRLD MAPSCENE REST API. It also supports additional options for applying a Mapscene to a map when you successfully load it.


MapsceneRequest requestMapscene(MapsceneRequestOptions options)

Begins a Mapscene request with the given options. The results of the request will be passed as a MapsceneRequestResponse object to the callback provided in the options.

Returns: A handle to the ongoing request, which can be used to cancel it.

Type argument Description
MapsceneRequestOptions options The parameters of the request.
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Widgets (Optional) BlueSphere
Tag Service (Optional) TagService OnTagsLoadCompletedListener
RouteView Widget (Optional) RouteView RouteViewOptions