The data that defines a Mapscene, as created by the Map Designer or the Mapscene REST Service.


public final String name

The name of the Mapscene

The hashed ID of the Mapscene, used when loading this Mapscene

public final String apiKey

The API Key to use for authenticating with the WRLD SDK. This is also used to link associated POI sets for use with the Searchbox Widget + POI Api.

public final MapsceneStartLocation startLocation

Configuration of the initial start location of this Mapscene.

public final MapsceneDataSources dataSources

Configuration of the data and themes to load for this Mapscene.

public final MapsceneSearchConfig searchConfig

Optional configuration of the Searchbox Widget for this Mapscene.

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Picking PickResult
Widgets (Optional) BlueSphere
Tag Service (Optional) TagService OnTagsLoadCompletedListener
RouteView Widget (Optional) RouteView RouteViewOptions