Package: com.eegeo.mapapi.geometry

An immutable class representing an area of the earth’s surface with a latitude/longitude aligned rectangle.


public final LatLng southwest

The coordinate of the Southwest corner of the bound.

public final LatLng northeast

The coordinate of the Northeast corner of the bound.


LatLngBounds(LatLng southwest, LatLng northeast)

Creates a new bounds based on the southwest and northeast corners.

Type argument Description
LatLng southwest The coordinates of the southwest corner.
LatLng northeast The coordinates of the northeast corner.


LatLngBounds including(LatLng point)

Returns a new LatLngBounds that encompasses the this LatLngBounds and the given point.

Returns: a LatLngBounds that contains point and the previous bounds.

Type argument Description
LatLng point a LatLng to extend this bounds by.

boolean equals(Object other)

Equality operator.

Returns: True if the objects are equal

Type argument Description
Object other The other to compare.

class LatLngBounds.Builder

A builder class that can create a LatLngBounds from one or more LatLng points.




LatLngBounds.Builder include(LatLng point)

Include point in set of points to build bounds for.

Returns: This builder object with a new point added.

Type argument Description
LatLng point A LatLng point to be included in the bounds.

LatLngBounds build()

Generate a LatLngBounds encompassing the points.

Returns: a LatLngBounds that minimally encompasses all previously included points.

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