WRLDIndoorMapEntity Class Reference

Represents infomation about an identifiable feature on an indoor map. These correspond to features within a level GeoJSON in an indoor map submission via the WRLD Indoor Map REST API. See https://github.com/wrld3d/wrld-indoor-maps-api/blob/master/FORMAT.md

@property indoorMapEntityId

@property (nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSString *indoorMapEntityId

The string identifier of this indoor map entity.

@property indoorMapFloorId

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSInteger indoorMapFloorId

The identifier of the indoor map floor on which this indoor map entity is positioned.

@property coordinate

@property (nonatomic, readonly) CLLocationCoordinate2D coordinate

The location of this indoor map entity. Although indoor map entities can represent area features such as rooms or desks, this position provides a point that is in the center of the feature. As such, it is suitable for use if locating a WRLDMarker for this entity, or if positioning the camera to look at this entity.