WRLDCoordinateBounds Struct Reference

A struct representing the WGS84 extents of a bounded region of the map.

typedef struct {
    CLLocationCoordinate2D sw;
    CLLocationCoordinate2D ne;
} WRLDCoordinateBounds;


CLLocationCoordinate2D sw

The coordinate of the south-west corner of this lat-long region.

CLLocationCoordinate2D ne

The coordinate of the north-east corner of this lat-long region.



WRLDCoordinateBounds WRLDCoordinateBoundsMake(CLLocationCoordinate2D sw, CLLocationCoordinate2D ne);
Create a WRLDCoordinateBounds from two corners.
Argument Description
sw The south-west corner of the region.
ne The north-east corner of the region.


WRLDCoordinateBounds WRLDCoordinateBoundsFromCoordinatesMake(CLLocationCoordinate2D* coordinates, NSUInteger count);
Create a WRLDCoordinateBounds which contains all of the given coordinates.
Argument Description
coordinates An array of coordinates this region should contain.
count The length of the coordinates array.