WRLDBuildingHighlight Class Reference

Represents a single selected building on the map, for displaying a graphical overlay to highlight the building, or for obtaining information about the building.

+ highlightWithOptions:

+ (instancetype)highlightWithOptions:(WRLDBuildingHighlightOptions *)highlightOptions

Instantiate a highlight with highlight options.


A WRLDBuildingHighlight instance.

Argument Description

A set of parameters for WRLDBuildingHighlight.

@property color

@property (nonatomic, copy) UIColor *color

The color for this highlight.

@property buildingInformation

@property (nonatomic, readonly, copy, nullable) WRLDBuildingInformation *buildingInformation

Returns building information for the map building associated with this highlight, if available. Returns null if the request for building information is still pending (internally, building information may be fetched asynchronously). Also returns nil if no building information was successfully retrieved for this building highlight. This may be either because no building exists at the query location supplied in the WRLDBuildingHighlightOptions construction parameters, or because an internal web request failed.