ARKit Deployment

To run the WRLD ARKit Unity Sample, follow the instructions given below.

ARKit Deployment

  1. First ensure that your Unity version is between 2017.3.0f2 and 2018.1.0f2.

  2. Clone the wrld-unity-ar-samples repo.

  3. Copy the wrld-unity-ar-samples/Common folder from the root of the repo to wrld-unity-ar-samples/ARKitSample/Assets/Wrld SDK Samples/

  4. Launch Unity and open the wrld-unity-ar-samples/ARKitSample project from the repo.

  5. Download the Unity ARKit Plugin from the Unity Asset Store and import it into your project.

    Please note that importing this plugin will also change your project settings. If you wish to keep your project settings then uncheck the Project Settings folder when importing.

  6. Download the WRLD Unity SDK and import it into your project.

  7. Acquire a WRLD API Key by signing up for a free account. Your API key should be a string of 32 alpha-numeric characters.

  8. Open the ARKit Sample Scene scene under Assets/Wrld SDK Samples/ARKit Sample/Scenes/ in the Project panel.

  9. You will receive a prompt asking if you would like to setup the scene for ARKit. Press Setup.

    If you choose to set up the scene later you can receive the prompt again by selecting the ARKitSetupHelper GameObject in the Hierarchy and pressing the Setup ARKit button.

    ARKit setup prompt

  10. Select the WrldMap GameObject inside Wrld Map Parent and paste your API Key, obtained from step 7, into the field shown in the Inspector:

    API key field

  11. Remove any existing scenes from the Scenes In Build panel (accessed via File->Build Settings). Then, add the ARKit Sample Scene and ensure its checkbox is selected.

    Unity Build Settings

  12. Press File->Build & Run, which will deploy & launch the example on your ARKit-enabled iOS device.