Dear WRLD Family,

Today we’re updating our pricing to meet the growing needs of our community.

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve seen the WRLD community grow and inspire us. We’ve been amazed by the level of imagination that follows every implementation of WRLD; from applications that surface Open Data sets from Toronto, Smart Building applications that re-imagine the future of our workplaces, to AR/VR experiences that transport us to new worlds.

The growth in our community has been met by our commitment to provide the best set of tools and products. Our new pricing will help us to re-invest in our tools and continue to improve our customer support.

We’re offering four new Plans for our users:


Our starter plan allows you to try out our Content Tools, such as Map Designer, Places Designer and Indoor Map Designer. This plan is free and gives you up to 10 Map Scenes and 10 Indoor Maps. You can view and share your created content through

Game Development

Aimed at our Unity Developers, you get access to the Unity SDK and our content tools. Unity developers have no cap on monthly active users or web views in this plan.

Digital Twin

This tier gives access to all the SDKs, services and tools you need to build a Digital Twin Experience. If you’re a Javascript, iOS, Android, or Unity developer, this package gives you up to 500 Monthly Active Users and 50,000 Monthly Web Views. Plus, we’re guaranteeing support response times in one day.

Digital Twin Pro

As we were looking through our community base, we found many developers want consultation on such goals as creating a smart building, building an application, integrating with IoT systems and providing security controls. We are happy to meet your custom needs and requirements, our account management team will work with you from the outset to create a solution that fits your needs.

We hope that these new Plans will help you achieve a new level of success with your products, and inspire you to make groundbreaking advancements. Following is a set of questions you may have in your mind. For anything else, please reach out to us at for any queries or guidance about the new Pricing, or the WRLD Platform in general.

Faizaan Ghauri - CEO, WRLD


What happens if I’m on one of the previous/existing WRLD Plans? (These include the Starter Plan, Team Plan, Team Plus Plan, Team Pro Plan or the Enterprise Plan)

Your previous Plan will cease to exist on Thursday, April 9th. That is when the new Plans come into effect. Based on your usage, and after carefully analyzing your needs, we will convert you to a Plan that we believe will be best suited to your requirements. You can always change your plan if you feel your requirements differ from what we estimated.

Why am I being migrated?

At WRLD, we pride ourselves on being a technology that adds value to our community while remaining price competitive. As our community goes from strength to strength, so does our drive to provide our users with the best set of tools and products to translate their dream project into a reality. To that end, we are introducing new Plans which are not only simpler to understand, but offer more value than ever before.

What are the new Plans?

To see the details of the new Plans and what the have to offer, click here.

When do the new Plans come into effect?

Our new Plans will apply from Thursday, April 9th 2020 on wards.

Under what circumstances will my account be deactivated?

You will be migrated to your new Plans on Thursday, April 9th. If assigned a paid plan, you will have a period of 10 days (Monday, April 20th) to complete the payment process. Failure to do so will result in your account being migrated to the Starter Plan. If by Tuesday, May 5th your usage exceeds the limits set for the Starter Plan, your account will be deactivated.

What are the limits on the Starter Plan?

Using the Starter Plan, you will be allowed to create up-to 10 Map Scenes using the Map Designer tool, and up to 10 Indoor Maps using the Indoor Map Designer tool.

How can I get my account reactivated if it gets deactivated?

Just drop an email to and our team will work with you to resolve the issue.

What happens to my data if my account becomes deactivated?

Your data stays safe with us.

How can I access my data again if my account becomes deactivated?

Just upgrade to a paid plan and your account access will be restored.

What are the deadlines for completing payment process?

The deadline to complete the payment process is Monday, April 20th.