Haug.land has used the WRLD platform to build an immersive aviation game that centers around operating and managing airports. 

Accurately rendered in realistic 3D with stunning WRLD3D terrain, World of Airports is a strategy game that enables the players to become air traffic controllers and develop one of many international airports.

The game features a detailed and highly accurate simulation of airport traffic. While playing the game, players have the ability to control not only the air traffic, but also give instructions to the airport staff to keep the day today running of the facility smooth and efficient. The game also allows control of other players’ planes, sale and purchase of airplanes, customization and branding of their appearance as per requirement, and all the while earning money to upgrade staff and the airport. Players can expand their fleet; starting off from the smallest propeller passenger aircraft to large wide-body jetliners, there is plenty to explore in between. New airports and aircraft liveries will be unlocked as the game progresses. It’s a complete package of managing an entire airport facility. 

The game can be played online with friends across platforms (Android and iOS players will share the same online game server). To make things more interesting, players compete for the top spot in the world wide global leader board to reach the highest rankings based on points and performance. Airports in San Diego, Muscat, Innsbruck, Bari, Prague, Washington and Nagoya are some of the featured airports currently available in the game.

The game, which was released in 2019, has close to 3 million downloads to date.

This game is just one example of the versatility and quality of the WRLD platform which can enable users to build fascinating games and meaningful experiences. 

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