Our Map Design tools allow anyone to visualize their world better through creating custom 3D maps of their locations, without extensive coding. Your indoor or outdoor maps are full of location-rich and real-time content that you can manage and share through a powerful and user-friendly suite of design tools. For developers, extend your maps by using the WRLD SDKs to integrate your maps into advanced mobile, web or enterprise applications.

See below to get started quickly. We’ve included a series of quick video tutorials to walk you through the process of using our Map Design tools and mapping platform:

Map Design Tutorial 1 : Introduction to WRLD Map Design Tools

An introduction to our current self-service Map Design tools: Map Designer, Places Designer and Indoor Map Uploader. All you need to design custom 3D maps for web and mobile.

Map Design Tutorial 2 : Let’s make a quick 3D map

This tutorial shows you how to use the main elements of Map Designer. You will need to sign up first for a free account on our website and then follow the directions in this video to quickly make your 3D map. You can create unique campus maps for students, retail maps for customers, venue maps for event planners, or office maps for employees and facility managers. You can also customize the menu to highlight the categories that make sense for users to search for, such as bars in a city or meeting rooms in an office.

Map Design Tutorial 3 : Places Designer

After you have signed up for a free account and created your custom 3D map, using map designer, watch this tutorial to walk you through our places designer tool, with which you can create location specific content for your tailored audiences. This content is displayed as pins on your maps, creating your unique Places. Quickly drop content into your map, adding names, images, contact details or descriptions, and create different collections of Places.

Indoor Map Uploader

You can also transform your indoor floor plans or indoor maps into 3D using our Map Design tool, Indoor Map Uploader. If you’re familiar with QGIS, you can create your own indoor map and include all necessary semantic information to upload content automatically.

While all this can be done without coding, extending with the WRLD SDKs opens up data and sensor feed integration to fully advance the robustness of your 3D indoor map.

Map Design Tools coming soon include Indoor Map Design, Data Visualization, and Dynamic advertising.

Good luck and contact support if you have any questions!

And don’t forget to share what you create @wrld3d