Today, Recce’s fun, animated 3D maps are available for all of the United States and Great Britain.

New features that make exploration and discovery even more fun

The Recce world is now even more dynamic. The app now features weather effects that show current conditions for each city, and changes the landscape with the seasons.

We have also brought in more useful info on places around you. We have added Foursquare’s venue data, making it even easier to explore and discover great places. Foursquare tips and ratings help find that perfect spot.

The Around Me Now layer is a curated list of the most interesting places around any given spot. Users can explore and plan for their next vacation, or use it on their phones to find that perfect nearby coffee shop or place to have lunch.

We have added real time event information from our partner wCities, making it easy to find great things to do – complete with photos and curated content.

We’re thrilled that Recce’s amazing 3D maps are now available for the United States and Great Britain, and we look forward to bringing them to more markets soon!

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