An Immersive 3D Shopping Experience

We have been talking about how the WRLD platform can be used to revolutionize the retail experience for visitors. Today we’re proud to announce the launch of InMall in Thailand where our partners 2ndWRLD are using the WRLD platform to create an unparalleled retail experience in the Downtown Ratchaprasong District in Bangkok.

The InMall App

Making use of the full potential of WRLD’s diverse and flexible SDK, 2ndWRLD has been able to create a state of the art app for Android and iOS users, which is laden with practical features and exciting activities. 2ndWRLD’s aim was not only to provide a helpful and reliable user experience, but also to make this effort fun, engaging, and full of rewards, an aim which has been successfully achieved. InMall brings together Location-Based Gaming, Promotions and Rewards and Social Networking to give a retail experience that actually drives consumers to visit retail locations and capture monsters, claim rewards and discover new retailers.

Get People Moving

2ndWRLD have introduced their app, InMall, which combines the immersive 3D Digital Twin with the detailed mall directory with an innovative gaming concept. Users will be able to create their own mini Avatars which will help them explore the mall in the virtual world, in real time, in the real world, as they walk around the mall. Working with the latest and greatest Indoor Positioning Systems through our partners, IndoorAtlas, InMall allows a seamless experience indoors and outdoors.

All the while users will be catching Pokémon themed ‘monsters’ which will be visible once they are inside the app. Once caught, these monsters will surprise the users with every day with exciting promotions and exclusive discounts, only available through the app. They will also collect attractive and relevant deals for the users based on their profiles.

The shoppers will get a floor by floor, 3D map view of the mall, where they will be able to explore the layout of the facility, find out where the amenities like restrooms are and details about the malls such as timings. Furthermore, they will be able to locate and search all the shops and brands that are available in the mall in a very timely manner. Not only will this save users valuable time, but also give a bird’s eye view of all the shops and brands present in the vicinity.

One of the shoppers at the mall, Apiya, aged 28, spoke with a member of our team and said that “the InMall app has completely redefined the shopping experience. Now I’m not only able to save valuable time by finding the exact location of the shop I want to go to, but also get regular updates about the latest offers and discounts; sometimes exactly when I am walking out side of that shop. Also, the avatar is really cute and helpful!”

The WRLD services used in the building of this app were the Indoor Map Design tools, in addition to the WRLD Unity SDK which was used to alter the virtual camera settings, retrieve critical data about the building, designing the indoor layout and preaching map data.