We are excited to announce the launch of the 3D Indoor Map API and companion Points of Interest (POI) API. These allow developers to create 3D indoor maps using simple 2D floor plans of a building and insert customized interior POIs according to the floor plan. The process to create 3D maps is very simple and outlined below:

  • Have a 2D floor plan in image format for each of the floor plans
  • Install the free software QGIS and trace your 2D map using it
  • Submit it to eeGeo’s Indoor Map API, which converts the map into 3D in eeGeo’s mapping engine

You can find details of the API along with instructions for creating 2D maps using the freely available documentation here. Now that you have made the 3D indoor map of your building or floor, you can also inject your relevant Points of Interest (POIs). You can find details of the POI API here. POIs are very important cartographic content, whether you find your favorite shopping destination outdoors or the next available meeting room indoors. We have created this API based on customer feedback – to meet the needs of maintaining, managing and personalizing a POI dataset, and making it available publicly or to a restricted set of users. For example if you want to maintain your own database of museum exhibits, retail stores, printer stations, electric car charging points or even food truck stops, you can use the POI API to do this. If you want to make these POIs appear publicly on our showcase apps Recce and in other customer apps, you can contact us at: enquiries@wrld3d.com

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