We are excited to announce today our rebrand of eeGeo to WRLD. We believe the name reflects the scope and breadth of our vision, which is to build an immersive 3D world to visualise and interact with every thing on the planet.

We’ve set an ambitious goal with our new name and vision on purpose. We can’t do it alone, as we globally operate as a collaboration between partners and our developer community. We’re committed to providing the best tools to build fully immersive experiences that benefit users in numerous ways - greater spatial understanding and decisioning, smart cities and building planning, or just creating awesome location-based games and VR experiences.

New Leadership for a New Era

I have the honor of leading the company as Chief Executive Officer in this new era, which is now 50-strong and actively hiring globally. Ian Hetherington will continue to help guide our mission as a Director on our Board. We have opened new offices in Los Angeles, CA which allows us to grow our presence across the world and be close to the growing tech and AR & VR community in the Southern California area. We’re quite proud of what our engineering team has built in Dundee and our core platform team there continues to innovate and grow - join us!.

Product Improvements are Here

We’ve worked hard over the last year to address a number of opportunities for both developers and non-developers alike to build virtual experiences based on the physical world, indoors and out. Give it a go!

  • WRLD Map Designer – optimised for both developers and novices to create simple, beautiful map experiences for indoor and outdoor environments. Map Designer allows every map to be configured and customised according to the end user data and application. Read More
  • WRLD app – on mobile to view and share map creations - available on Google Play and Apple stores. Read More
  • WRLD Android SDK – allows Java developers to create dynamic 3D maps for Android devices. Available features include camera control and the creation of custom, interactive markers and indoor mapping capabilities. Read More
  • WRLD Unity SDK - Build engaging worlds using the WRLD Unity SDK. Use a streaming, geo-spatially accurate 3D map for location-based games, projects, or virtual or augmented reality experiences. The SDK package will provide developers the tools to apply unique textures to landmark locations and render other unique markings of their world. Read More

This is an exciting next chapter for our company and community at large, as we prepare to embark on monumental partnerships and further exciting product improvements in the coming weeks - stay tuned…

We can’t wait to see what you build with our products, please do share with us by email or Twitter @wrld3d. If you have any questions or want to have a friendly chat with our team, email us at support@wrld3d.com or me directly at faizaan.ghauri@wrld3d.com any time.