We at eeGeo have recently entered into a strategic partnership with AMP Technologies, an asset management company and digital operating platform, to deliver interactive three-dimensional visualizations of interior commercial spaces.

This collaboration will see eeGeo’s dynamic indoor and outdoor 3D maps integrated with the interactive real time technology from AMP’s dynamic Commercial Real Estate Platform.

Now agents and industry professionals can visualize any real estate portfolio in a 3D depiction of the real world while gaining a full view of the financial health of their assets.

We are very happy with the partnership as it marks another important milestone in our journey to improve the way data is visualized. Our 3D mapping platform can provide an engaging and intuitive model of the world for those real estate professionals who want to visually keep track of tenant leases, physical occupancy and vacancies whilst monitoring their entire assets.

As part of the collaboration, AMP’s platform will be integrated with eeGeo’s 3D mapping platform to further simplify and streamline the user’s experience. Thanks to the partnership, the collective clients and partners will have unparalleled management and analytical tools to monitor the state of any building in real time.