Tutorial: Training Unity ML Agents in WRLD

Introduction Earlier this year, Unity made the first official release of their ML-Agents Toolkit, a framework for developing, training and testing Artificial Intelligence algorithms in a Unity environment. It’s open-source and comes with a plenty of examples to help get... Read more

Webinar - What's new with WRLD’s Unity SDK v0.8

Last month we announced the release of our new Unity SDK which supports Unity Editors 2019 and 2020. This new release offers a host of new features that will allow the users to customize their maps to a much greater extent, create fascinating new VR and AR experiences and... Read more

Webinar - Spatial Intelligence 101: Adding Assets to your Indoor Map

Recently we launched our Asset Tool which has been designed to help you upload your virtual assets to your indoor map by using our WRLD Indoor Map Design Tool and a CAD or a Geojson file. To tell you more... Read more

Introducing the Asset Tool

Note: In order to show our users how to make the best use of Asset Tool tool, we will be holding a webinar on Tuesday, August 4th, 9.30am PST (Pacific) / 5.30pm BST where our team of experts will give... Read more

Tutorial: Create a Smart Building in 20 minutes

(To go directly to the Tutorial, click here) As smart buildings and digital twins gain more traction each day, it is no surprise that this shift in trend has come at a time when the world is looking at new... Read more

3D Mapping 101: Create A Smart Building

Last week we hosted a webinar “3D Mapping 101: Create A Smart Building”. The response was amazing and we loved hosting you. Ever since, those who were unable to attend have been sending us requests to share a recording of... Read more

COVID-19: A Challenge and an Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire human race in a way that has no parallel in recorded history. As things continue to unfold before our eyes each day, the full impact and scale of how this situation affects our... Read more

WRLD Pricing Update

Dear WRLD Family, Today we’re updating our pricing to meet the growing needs of our community. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve seen the WRLD community grow and inspire us. We’ve been amazed by the level of... Read more

Digital Twins Are the Future of Large Event Space Management

Digital twins have been around for years, but traditionally they have been used in industries, such as manufacturing, that use simulations of heavy machinery to understand their inner workings. Today, digital twin technology has come a long way. While the... Read more

Introducing the InMall App: An immersive 3D shopping experience

An Immersive 3D Shopping Experience We have been talking about how the WRLD platform can be used to revolutionize the retail experience for visitors. Today we’re proud to announce the launch of InMall in Thailand where our partners 2ndWRLD are... Read more

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