WRLD 3D maps provide a base platform to build location-based applications, create games, or visualize spatial data. However, WRLD is much more than just a 3D map; the platform core provides a fully built 3D representation of the world, an environment in which the possibilities range from film pre-visualization, real-time film-making, sci-fi story-telling, etc. Let your imagination run wild using the WRLD Unity SDK, while saving costs and time in building your fantasy worlds.

Example SciFi WRLD

WRLD Unity SDK – Dystopian future using WRLD Unity SDK

The WRLD 3D maps are fully UV mapped, modeled and come with fully customizable textures using the WRLD Unity SDK. So we thought of doing a fun little experiment inspired by the recent motion picture release of Blade Runner 2049,an American neo-noir science fiction film. Rather than using Los Angeles, we traveled to New York City and morphed the Big Apple into a Sci-Fi dystopia using WRLD and Unity.

How you can build a dystopian future using the WRLD Unity SDK:

1) Sign up for a free WRLD account and download the WRLD Unity SDK on the Unity Asset Store (also free).

2) Take the basic diffuse texture and use it as a guide for the UV mapping. Paint a dystopian sci-fi style for your buildings.

Textures Mapping

3) Since buildings are already UV mapped, we don’t have to do any manual editing to fit the texture – it all changes with a drag and drop.

Emission map

Using Emission map in Unity

4) Based off the diffuse texture, we create the normal and AO maps for it. One more map we can use is an emission map in Unity to give the lights a little glow

5) To add a little more cinematic feel and visual depth, we can add rain, smoke and populate a bunch of custom created billboards. Now the mood and setting are becoming reminiscent of Blade Runner.

WRLD Unity

WRLD Unity SDK Dystopia

6) In the end, to add a little future narrative, we can add flying vehicles going around different parts of the city and finally render a short out of it.

Final video clip

Everything in the short clip is rendering in real-time inside Unity and the WRLD Unity SDK. The awesome music is provided by Jake Lester.

Hit us up if you have any questions or end up creating your own fantasy world using any WRLD SDK, we’d love to see what you envision! @wrld3d OR support@wrld3d.com.

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