Your World Reimagined, now with Unity support!

Download SDK on Asset Store

We are excited to announce the launch of WRLD SDK for Unity, so you can build worlds in Unity using a streaming, geo-spatially accurate 3D map for your next location-based game, project, virtual or augmented reality experience. Thank you to our early beta users who shared their feedback with us over the last few months!

WRLD provides a fully textured 3D environment, using a real world coordinate system so it’s ready to use instantly - no need to build a 3D enviroment or import any additional GIS data. Use the Unity editor to select the data layers you want - roads, buildings, trees, labels, etc.

Our SDK package contains simple and default materials that can be used as a starting point to customize your game or project, along with existing textures that can be modified, allowing you to apply unique textures to landmark locations and render the other markings of your world. Explore the WRLD Unity API and examples here.

To get started you’ll need to create a WRLD API Key and download the SDK package through the Unity Asset Store.

Please reach out to us by email at or @wrld3d with any questions or a link to share your project. We look forward to your feedback and seeing what experiences you build with WRLD!