You spoke, we listened! We are excited to launch our first class Android SDK support for Java developers so you can build your apps with immersive 3D maps in minutes.

At WRLD we aim to provide the quickest path for developers to access our maps and get them working inside their applications. To ease adoption, we recognized Java as the most common language used for Android development, and we built our API with the Google Maps for Android API in mind. Our SDK is also compatible with the popular development environment for Android, Android Studio IDE.

If you want to get up and running fast, you can quickly add our maps to your existing apps using our HelloWorld sample app - a minimal WRLD map you can simply add to your app, position the camera in a specific location, and move around.

Initial SDK features include camera control and creating custom, interactive markers, and indoor mapping capabilities. Explore our SDK examples complete with code to explore on your own.

To get started you’ll need to use Android Studio, supporting libraries appropriate for your target platform, and obtain a WRLD API Key.

We’re all ears - reach out to us at support@wrld3d.comor @wrld3d with any questions or a link to your project. We look forward to your feedback and seeing what WRLD you build in Android!