Augmented Reality and 3D Maps

Augmented Reality (AR) depends on a dynamic, accurate 3D map: a digital twin that anchors location based content and experiences to real-world coordinates. With the WRLD AR mapping system, virtual and physical worlds merge together to transform how we tell stories, understand data, and interact with our environment.

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Build Augmented Reality Maps With the WRLD Unity SDK

Stretch out a city block on any flat surface with the WRLD Unity SDK - with support for both iOS and Android augmented reality platforms. Get started quickly with our sample project! Great for team collaboration, city planning, playing multi-strategy games, and more!

WRLD Unity SDK Documentation

AR Maps Merge the Real and Physical Worlds

With the WRLD mapping platform, you can create digital twin experiences based on real-world environments. The possibilities of discovering the world are endless using 3D maps with AR support.

  • Virtually place any content in a 3D map with the WRLD Map Design tools.
  • Location-based content triggers from knowing a user's location through an AR-enabled device.
  • Users walk around and can directly point their phone at an object, and if content exists on the digital twin, data displays as location-based labels.
  • Users can view photos, reviews, contact information, and more for things like restaurants, Wi-Fi hotspots, or houses for sale.

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AR Maps for Cinematic Story-telling

Augmented reality is an emerging format for cinematic storytelling. Individual separation from screen to the user is no longer needed! AR helps bring a story to life, giving us a new way to experience what we see, hear, and feel.

With AR 3D mapping tools, you can build content for the new mixed reality world. Using the WRLD Unity SDK, we created a reimagined scene from King Kong in AR with our 3D map of New York City used as the film set.

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3D maps and AR in the news

The possibilities of discovering more about the world using AR are endless, and the immediate access to information is unprecedented. Contact us to learn more about using WRLD 3D maps for your AR project.